Business Quiz

Parishkriti 2k18 presents business quiz have been designed as an innovative, intaractive program to facilite a flow of knowledge and ideas packeged in exciting rounds which will explore the world of corporates. It is an opportunity for future managers persuing MBA degree to show their knowledge and grab exciting prizes .

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Amruta Moharil
Trupti Murkar


  • Group should be of 3 members.
  • Maximum 3 groups can participate from any college.
  • There will be 2 rounds*.
  • Final round will consist of 6 groups.
  • Rules and regulations of each round will be displayed during the quiz competition.

  • Note: - 1. In case of any tie at the end of all round, tie breaker questions Round will be held. Negative marking will be in 2nd round (10 marks for correct Answer& (-5) for wrong answer).
    Business Plan
    B-PLAN is an event organized to lighten up the hidden entrepreneurship from the students. It is a blueprint of your future business in which you want to prosper. In this event, you need to prepare the entire idea right from the product design to its marketing. Each and every aspect and departments of business need to be focused properly. So hurry up and show your entrepreneurship skills by making good Business Plans.
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    Manisha Nile


  • Maximum 3 members in group.
  • Submission of soft copy of abstract (up to 1000 words) till 14 TH FEB 2018
  • Submission of hard copy of B-Plan Report (up to 5000) & presentation at the timeof registration.
  • First Round: - Time for the presentation: 12mins + Questions & Answer: 3 mins
  • Final Round: - Time for the presentation: 07mins + Questions & Answer: 3mins
  • Decision of the panel for awards will be final.


  • Report should not exceed limit of 5,000 words along with an abstract up to 1000words.
  • Mention the source so as to avoid any violation of the copyright.
  • All the table & diagrams should be appropriately numbered & provided at the appropriate Place.
  • Font of report: TIMES NEW ROMAN.
  • Title’s font size 14 & centrally aligned.
  • The subheadings & the body of the text should be in font size 12.
  • Abstract should be in font size 11 & in italics.
  • Line spacing should be “single”.
  • Participant should bring hard copy at the time of registration.
  • Soft copy submission date 14 TH FEB 2018
  • Movie Mania

    Movies teach you about the history, culture, traditions & feelings. The event “MOVIE MANIA” focuses on how students can visualize the things concerned with the movies, apart from only the entertainment purpose. In this, the students need to think beyond the box and correlate the management concepts with their chosen movie. Any group of students (Max. 4 participants) is free to choose either Hollywood, Bollywood or Marathi movies for their 10-12 minutes of Powerpoint Presentation. Details about the movie along with the related pictures & videos should be a part of presentation.
    So, wake up the Movie-Maniac in you & bring out your creative side.
    For more details & registration,
    Miss Priyanka Mantri

  • Movie should reflect management concept.
  • The significance of showing the movie in organization should be focused.
  • Bollywood, Hollywood, Marathi or any other language movies are allowed.
  • Presentation should include name of characters in movie.
  • Slide should include some snaps from the movie.
  • A video clip of 2-3 minutes is most welcome.
  • There should be nothing objectionable (obscene, vulgar) in the presentation.
  • Time for presentation: 10 minutes.
  • Questions & Answers for 2-3 minutes.

  • Body Language.
  • Relevance to corporate culture.
  • Creativity.
  • Questions & Answers.
  • Social Ad-Mad Show

    Advertisement plays a key role for the success of any company /business. It delivers our messages & attracts the needed customers. The event “AD-MAD SHOW” focuses on how the students could advertise and promote their products and services and could be able to grasp the market. Interested students should take any product and prepare their ads and present it through their performances.

    For more details & registration,
    Apurva Kanherkar


  • Teams will have to make a new name, punch line and advertisement.
  • Advertisement should preferably base on the theme i.e. “A ROAD TOWARDS SAFER INDIA” , which include the following contents
  • There is a time limit of 3 min.
  • Participants can’t copy any advertisement including all media.
  • Costumes will carry separate weight age.
  • Maximum 5 members in one team.
  • This competition will be held under three categories:
    • Social
    • Products
    • Services
  • Decision by the judges will be final and binding to all.
  • Judges Evaluation Criteria:
    • Concept/Theme- 10marks
    • Dialogue delivery- 10marks
    • Costume- 05 marks
    • Facial expression-10marks
    • Co-ordination- 10marks
    • Time management- 05marks
    Paper Presentation

    Parishkriti 2k18 presents "Paper Presentation" is one of the management event in which participants have to do study or research on a particular topic or issue and then they have to present their findings or research results in front of judges in a very effective manner by taking help of Power Point Presentation with in given time period.

    Paper Presentation is a research based management event where participants can improve their Knowledge, Communication Skills (Written and Oral), Stage Daring and Handling Questionnaire. These above things are four pillars of Management Study so dear all participate in Paper Presentation. It is a platform for future managers to build these four skills with grabbing the exciting prizes.

    For more details & registration,

    Mr. Deepak Singh Thakur

    Rules for Event

  • The case should bear a clear focus on management concepts and practices.
  • Case Abstract should be minimum 300 words.
  • Full case should not be shorter than 1,000 and no longer than 5,000 words.
  • Normal length is around 3000 words. It should be typed in A4 page setup with headings and text in Times New Roman 14 and 12 point type respectively.
  • At least one of the participants must have registered for inclusion of the paper in the competition.
  • Virtual or in-absentia submissions or non-presented paper will not be considered for publication in the competition.
  • Both the paper Abstract and the full Paper should be submitted only on electronic mail in Word file to
  • Last date of final paper submission is 14 TH FEB 2018
  • Confirmation to students on 14 th Feb, 2018
  • The topics are not limited to the themes mentioned but can be extended to relevant areas.

  • Sr No Marketing Finance Human Resource Management
    1 Consumer Behavior Financial Inclusion Self Help Group
    1 Brand Management Banking Woman Empowerment
    1 Sales & Distribution Role Of Banking Intervention Strategy
    1 Advertising Managementr Insurance Industry In Global HRM
    1 Service Marketing Economy Human Resource Development
    1 Consumer Behavior Micro Finance Change Management
    1 Consumer Behavior Risk Management Legal Aspects In HR
    1 Social Marketing Securities, Credit Ranking Training And Development
    1 International
    1 Business Strategy
    Community Based Learning

    Community Based Learning (CBL) is a pedagogical approach that is based on the premise that the most profound learning often comes from experience that is supported by guidance, context-providing, foundational knowledge, and intellectual analysis. The opportunity for students to bring thoughtful knowledge and ideas based on personal observation and social interaction to a course’s themes and scholarly arguments brings depth to the learning experience for individuals and to the content of the course. The communities of which we are a part can benefit from the resources of our faculty and students, while the courses can be educationally transformative in powerful ways.
    Rakhi Waykos


  • Maximum participants should be four.
  • Group name should be of a Social Worker (Group name should be as per the social service).
  • Minimum 10 hours community service expected.
  • Community service should be reflecting the involvement of all participants.
  • Minimum 3-5pages report.
  • Presentation must be including 5-7 Photographs.
  • Submit the presentation & report before 2 hours of event.
  • Time for Presentation- 12 minutes.
  • Questions & Answers- 3 minutes.
  • IPL Auction

    The event “IPL AUCTION” is a financial management game where you would need to buy the players for your team formation only through virtual money(No real money would be involved). The participants (4 members) should buy 11 players for their team formation. The players are given certain ratings according to their performances last year. Eventually, the points would be calculated and the winner would be the team with highest ratings. This event would definitely make you feel like the aroma of the real IPL Auction.
    Details about the rules & regulations of the game would be provided before the commencement of Auction.
    For more details & registration,
    Sachin Purwar
    Harish Sharma

    Social Ad-Design
    Social media is an ever growing platform. We all know the ads must appeal to the masses and those masses are on social media. It’s no surprise that advertising on theses platform has become a popular and booming industry.
    For more details & registration,
    Siddharth Sandanshiv

    Rules for Event

  • This is a print media advertisement competition.
  • The ad must reflect the theme “A ROAD TOWARDS SAFER INDIA”
  • Ad can be designed by maximum 2 participants.
  • Participants can use water colors, crayons, color pencils, sticks etc.
  • Participants can bring the advertisement and submit it to coordinator.
  • There should not be any copyright violation.
  • There should be nothing objectionable in the Ad
  • Coordinators hold the right to reject any advertisement.
  • Decisions by the judges will be final and binding to all parties.
  • Judges will select TOW best ads and they will be awarded.
  • Ethnic


  • Only Indian traditional wears are allowed.
  • Participants may bring their theme track/ music.
  • The costumes, moves of participants must not be objectionable.
  • If anyone found violating the norms or rules the groups will be disqualified by the committee/authority
  • Max10 members in the group.
  • Time limit: - 10mins
    Mime And Street Play

    Mime is a form of acting and drama where the actors use their body and gestures and also facial expressions rather than words to express their role. Experiment with the actor within you and let your expressions convey your feelings.”

    So, if you are having that talent and wish that your talent should be known to all, get ready with your theme which is pre-decided in ‘PARISHKRITI 2018’. Get Ready to Perform & become next Mime Artist.

    " A Magician makes the visible invisible. A Mime makes invisible visible"

    For more details & registration,

    Madhavi Gaikwad


  • Participation: All Members of the Team will have to participate in the "Street Play And Mime act"
  • Maximum 10 and minimum 4 members are allowed in one team.
  • Time Limit: Teams should restrict their play in 12mins.
  • Warning Bell: 13mins
  • Final Bell: 15mins
  • Teams exceeding the 12mins Final Bell will attract negative marks.
  • Language of the Play: Teams can use English / Hindi/ Marathi as the language of their play.
  • Decision of Judges will be final and binding on all teams.
  • Since importance shall be given to conveying a concept purely through expressions And gestures only, use of any property is allowed. However, use of music may be permitted To strengthen the performance.
  • Maximum of two accompanists/back stage artists are allowed.
  • Teams using any props / Costume / Dressing must bring all their requirements and must be ready well in time as per instructions of the organizer. No Props or costume or any material will be provided by the host college.
  • Teams must rehearse / practice the play well in advance. No Time for rehearsal /Stage practice / final rehearsal will be given during the fest.
  • Dance

    Dance is an integral aspect of a balanced physical education programme. It is unique in that its primary concern is with the expressive quality of movement and with the enjoyment and appreciation of aesthetic and artistic movement qualities. Throughout our history dance has served many different purposes all of which are evident today. Dance is perceived as a:
    • popular entertainment • form of religious worship • profession • an art form • social and recreational outlet. There are many styles of dance, - ballet, tap, jazz, folk, contemporary, ballroom, etc. The idea that dance is an activity suited to girls and inappropriate for boys should be challenged. Strategies are needed to combat prejudice which is visible and pervasive. Positive attitudes to dance should be demonstrated by male members of staff, particularly male Physical Education staff. Content should be designed to challenge boys and girls. Lessons should be planned to ensure that all students have opportunities to achieve. Teachers need to consider whether dance should be taught to boys and girls in mixed or single sex classes. Dance has a particular contribution to make to students with special educational needs. It provides an alternative language and a route for learning about themselves, others and the world about them. The suitability and modification of activities within dance education should be considered carefully to ensure that effective learning takes place.
    For more details & registration,

    Pallavi Chavan


  • Participants should bring their Song (CD/DVD/Pen Drive)
  • Length of song: - 5-7mins.
  • Costumes, Moves & Songs should not be objectionable.
  • One participant - One Performance.
  • Max member in a group: 10.
  • One Group - One Performance